Been a Busy Little Bee…

The last month has been a whirlwind of activities as I focus on building a profitable freelance writing career from home, clearing space in my home to feng shui standards (more on that… Continue reading

Sandy Graveyard

Back To The River, Back To The Sea, Back To The Ocean, One With Thee. Back To My Blood, And Back Through My Veins Back To My Heartbeat, One And The Same. Back… Continue reading

Working with Fire Energy

All my life, fire has been my primary element, which matches my Leo sign perfectly.  If there was a fire anywhere – be it by candle, in the fireplace or BBQ grill, or… Continue reading

My Witchy Beginnings

Both of my parents consider themselves nonreligious, so growing up, they never indoctrinated any particular religion on me.  My mother is a South Korean, and was raised as a Korean Buddhist, but as… Continue reading